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How To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

Did you excitedly journal at the start of this year all the things you wanted to do in you business and life?
Did you plan it all out and make it look pretty with coloured pens and post-it notes? Maybe you even made a dream board to go with it.
Perhaps you got really clear and set goals that you broke down into quarterly and monthly targets and made them SMART so you knew exactly what to do.
You wanted it, you were motivated and nothing was going to stop you, right?
But then something happened...
Those things you knew you needed to do, kept getting bumped down your list again and again.
You told yourself "I haven't got time", "I just need to go on this course first", "I'll focus on it when my finances are better", "my kids need me more more right now."
Until eventually you decided "maybe it's just not for me" and you gave up on the idea that you could achieve what you wanted.
I've been there and it feels like...
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The 2 Biggest Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success

In this week's blog I thought I'd check in and connect with you about beliefs - in particular the two biggest limiting beliefs that can sabotage your success, not just in business but in anything!


Belief Number 1 - It’s not possible for me 

This was a biggie for me. I used to sit in seminars and coaching and no matter what amazing things the people leading them had done, or how well the other chiropractors who’d the applied the training in their businesses were doing, I’d sit there and think, “yeah, it’s ok for you, but that’s just not possible for me.”  

Have you ever thought that too? 

The funny thing is, that in the moment you think it’s not possible, you’re actually demonstrating the power of your thoughts and beliefs to create your reality. The more you think "I can’t do that, it’s not possible" or "yeah but it won’t work for me", the more likely it...

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How I Read Your Mind(set) - Introducing Mindset Dimensions™

As a mindset coach I'm absolutely fascinated by helping female chiropractic business owners to discover and disrupt the patterns of thought, belief, perception and energy that stand between them and the life and business they desire.

Because when your mind, body and energy are aligned and integrated you no longer feel like anything is missing. You're tuned in to your full power and creativity - which means you can show up and take action without doubting, hesitating or feeling like you don't know enough.

This is how you get to grow your business and feel great at the same time!

One of the tools I use in practice to get deep insight into your mindset and the layers that are separating you from your full power is the Mindset Dimensions Report™.

Mindset Dimensions™ is a pioneering new psychometric profiling tool that measures key dimensions of mindset including: values, beliefs, emotions and the way you perceive and show up in the...

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How Mindset And Energy Unlock Business Growth

If you’re fed up with working hard in your business but not getting what you want, it may be time to start looking at things a different way. Because here’s the truth...

Business strategy alone won’t get you where you want to be.

Now don't get me wrong, you NEED business strategy in order to grow. BUT if you have limiting beliefs about your ability to be, do or have whatever it is that you want, you can invest time, money and effort in the best business strategy available, and one of two things will happen. Either won't take action at all (hello procrastination my friend). Or you'll begin, but repeatedly sabotage your efforts and end up back where you started.

How do I know this? I did it for long enough!!! And it's the reason I do what I do now. So you don't have to spend as long stuck where I was, wondering what's wrong, why does nothing work for me and why is everyone else making it look so easy.

And here's another thing...

Surface level “mindset...

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