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Mindset Coaching & Breathwork For Success

Hi, I'm Lisa. A mindset coach and breathworker who's passionate about helping female business owners get clear on what success means to them and overcome the obstacles to creating it.

Running a business can be overwhelming. So I created a short breathwork practice to help! Click below to join my community and receive your FREE copy today!
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"The changes I've put in place affect every part of my life and business. I've been kinder to myself and am going home at a reasonable time which has allowed me to chill and have more time to do things I've been too exhausted to even think about, let alone do. I feel more productive, more focused and energised. Thank you!"

Sarah M
Chiropractic Business Owner

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • Have you built a level of success in your business, but still don't really FEEL like you're there yet? Do you struggle to recognise your achievements and constantly seek that next level in order to finally feel like you've made it?
  • Have you invested in business coaching¬†and personal development, but still feel like you're not where you want to be? Perhaps you compare yourself to other women and wonder how come they're making¬†things look easy, when you're still overwhelmed by¬†your massive to-do list.
  • Are you working in ways that you don't enjoy, but feel like you have to in order to grow? Does it drain your energy and leave you feeling exhausted and unmotivated?
  • Do you secretly dream about burning your whole business down and starting again from scratch?

You're not alone! Many female business owners face these same challenges - which is why I'm here to help.


I believe that success isn't about chasing more and more money, following generic 6-figure business blueprints, or the endless pursuit of owning more stuff.


It's about connecting to yourself and what really matters to you, then working in a way that reflects this. THIS is the key to creating the success on your own terms.

  • Through a combination of coaching and breathwork, I help¬†my clients connect deeply to themselves, get clear on¬†what success means to them and overcome the obstacles to creating it.
  • If you're ready to step away from comparison, to make your own rules and create success that doesn't¬†just look good on the outside - but actually FEELS good on the inside, let's work together! It's time to create the life and business you truly deserve.

Self-connection is the key to success on your own terms. Mindset and breathwork help you deepen this connection.

Lisa Archer

With mindset coaching and breathwork, I help women business owners create


You'll get clear on what you really want from your life & business, uncover the patterns keeping you stuck & transform any beliefs, fears & habits standing in your way.


With practices that deepen your self-connection & awareness, you'll build the confidence, motivation & energy to keep taking steps towards your vision. 


Create more meaning, satisfaction & the lifestyle you seek. With simple, consistent, supportive habits that grow your business in line with your true values & purpose. 

"I can make decisions quicker without having to second guess myself now. I‚Äôve got more confidence and I feel like the weight's been taken off my shoulders. Also I'm more focused when I'm with the kids, because I don't feel a constant sense of overwhelm. Now I can see there are lots of opportunities ‚Äď and it feels exciting, rather than an overwhelming sense of dread that I don't know what I want and that life is passing me by. "

Hannah K
Chiropractic & Osteopathy Business Owner

Are you ready to get connected and create success on your own terms?

Hi there, I’m Lisa

I'm dedicated to helping women enjoy running their businesses and create success - without sacrificing their wellbeing, or who they are in the process.

From my early days as a Chiropractor, I've always been fascinated by the mind-body connection and how powerfully it can affect our life. I've trained in many different tools and practices over the years to support and deepen this connection for myself -  which is what lead me to discover mindset coaching and breathwork.

Now I love to combine these powerful methods to help female business owners deepen their own self-connection, so that they can show up in a way that reflects who they really are - instead of who they think they should be - in order to create success.

I'm here to help you step away from the things that drain your energy and your joy and create a life and business that you really love.


"The biggest breakthrough is feeling confident in my own ability and trusting my decisions. My clinic is running easily and smoothly and my income has doubled in the time we've worked together. I'm a lot less anxious, a lot less stressed and I've got way more energy. I'm enjoying business a lot more and I'm feeling more like myself again. I feel transformed."

Ellie W
Chiropractic Business Owner

Mindset coaching and breathwork deepen your self-connection, helping you to become


  • More present and grounded. Free¬†from stress,¬†self-doubt and¬†overwhelm
  • Confident in your¬†vision for success and aligned with your values
  • Clearly¬†focussed, more motivated and¬†energetic
  • More¬†trusting¬†of¬†your¬†instincts, choices and decisions
  • In touch with your full power and potential
  • Happier, at peace and satisfied that you're creating the lifesyle that you want
Scroll down to find out more about the different ways we can work together to create this

Ways You Can Work With Me

If you’re ready to move through the obstacles that have been holding you back and create success on your own terms, here are the ways we can work together on this.

Online Group Breathwork Membership

Release & Receive

Monthly LIVE group breathwork journeys with replays available and access to past sessions

BONUS content - shorter breathwork sessions, guided meditations, hypnosis audios, resistance releasing practice etc.

A self-connection ritual and online support resources to help you let go of obstacles and create more of what you want.

Click here to register for your FREE first session

Introductory Level 1:1 Coaching

Overwhelm Breakthrough 

A short (but powerful) 1:1 coaching intensive, designed to help to connect to yourself, step out overwhelm and get clear on the things that YOU need in order to experience success.

You'll stop being distracted by shiny objects and comparison and get focused on YOUR next steps. 

Book a call to find out more.

Deep Level 1:1 Coaching and Breathwork

I AM Limitless 

A deeply transformative 1:1 coaching experience designed to give you exactly what YOU need to move beyond generic blueprints, shoulds and traditional definitions of success. Let's define and create success on your own terms.

If you‚Äôre ready to let go of old ways of being and lead your life and business in a¬†way that¬†reflects who you are and what you really want¬†‚ÄĒ¬†this is for you.

Book a call to find out more.

Not sure which offer is right for you? Let’s chat and find out what would meet your needs the best. Click below to book a call.

"I felt at ease with you straight away. You were able to pull information out of me I didn't even know was holding me back. I've now got the clarity, self-belief and confidence for my business to thrive."

Lynsey M
Massage Business Owner

Want a better relationship with the voice in your head that says you're still not there yet? 


I know that voice, it can be painful. But it can also be transformed.

I'm here to help you:

  • Tune into what's REALLY important for you to feel happy and¬†successful
  • Uncover the beliefs, fears and¬†resistance that prevent you from¬†achieving success on your own terms
  • Move through¬†imposter syndrome, comparison, self-judgement and self-doubt
  • Develop habits that support your¬†self-connection without adding more hours to your working day
  • Create¬†a¬†meaningful vision for success¬†and achieve it¬†without burning out in the process


Your mindset and your breath are the keys to all this and more. 

Want to experience the power of breathwork?

At 8pm on the last Wednesday of every month I host an online group breathwork journey for the women in my Release & Receive membership. Click below to join us for a FREE trial session. You'll also receive a short breathwork download, so you can get started with this transformative practice right away!

"It's quite a mind blowing experience. You're very skilled at making people feel at ease and in control which is not something that everyone can do."

Kim A
Dance for Wellbeing

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