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How To Achieve Your Goals With Ease

Did you excitedly journal at the start of this year all the things you wanted to do in you business and life?
Did you plan it all out and make it look pretty with coloured pens and post-it notes? Maybe you even made a dream board to go with it.
Perhaps you got really clear and set goals that you broke down into quarterly and monthly targets and made them SMART so you knew exactly what to do.
You wanted it, you were motivated and nothing was going to stop you, right?
But then something happened...
Those things you knew you needed to do, kept getting bumped down your list again and again.
You told yourself "I haven't got time", "I just need to go on this course first", "I'll focus on it when my finances are better", "my kids need me more more right now."
Until eventually you decided "maybe it's just not for me" and you gave up on the idea that you could achieve what you wanted.
I've been there and it feels like...
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