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The 2 Biggest Limiting Beliefs That Sabotage Your Success

In this week's blog I thought I'd check in and connect with you about beliefs - in particular the two biggest limiting beliefs that can sabotage your success, not just in business but in anything!


Belief Number 1 - It’s not possible for me 

This was a biggie for me. I used to sit in seminars and coaching and no matter what amazing things the people leading them had done, or how well the other chiropractors who’d the applied the training in their businesses were doing, I’d sit there and think, “yeah, it’s ok for you, but that’s just not possible for me.”  

Have you ever thought that too? 

The funny thing is, that in the moment you think it’s not possible, you’re actually demonstrating the power of your thoughts and beliefs to create your reality. The more you think "I can’t do that, it’s not possible" or "yeah but it won’t work for me", the more likely it is that you won't take action and your goals and dreams will remain dreams.


Belief Number 2 - I can't, because I'm not [blank] enough.  

You can insert good, clever, professional, young, thin, organised, ready - whatever your word of choice is into that sentence.  

For me it was “I’m not good enough.” For so many years I didn’t think I was good enough to succeed, good enough as a business owner, good enough as a chiropractor, good enough at marketing, good enough at anything really. You name it - I wasn't good enough at it.

Not enoughness is a deep core limiting belief held by just about every woman I’ve ever met (and most of the men too). So I’m willing to bet that some version of it may be lurking in your subconscious mind too.


The easiest way to know if one (or both) of these beliefs are affecting you, is to take a look at what’s going on in your business. Your beliefs determine how you show up and do what you do (or don't do). So I can guarantee that they - or some similar evil twin version of them - are there if you have difficulty with any of the following:

  • Being visible and consistently marketing your business  
  • Feeling comfortable discussing your fees and (God forbid) raising your fees 
  • Earning as much money as you want to - or more (how would excess money feel to you?)
  • Comparing yourself to others and feeling you "should be doing better by now" 
  • Taking time off (and not feeling guilty!)  
  • Recruiting, leading and managing your team  
  • Investing in training, but not taking action on what you learn 

I could go on, but you get the picture.

This is why mindset (which includes your thoughts and beliefs) is so important when it comes to your business. You can have all the knowledge, techniques, business strategy, marketing plans, team members and shiny equipment you want but still not feel successful, happy or satisfied.

If you’ve got the skillset (and I know you have) – all you need to create the life and business you desire is the mindset. This is what gives you the confidence and self belief to know that you are enough, that anything is possible for you and to take consistent action to create it.

If you recognise yourself in anything I've shared today and you'd like some support to create beliefs and habits of thought that support your success, rather than sabotage it - I'm here to help.

You can connect with me for a chat by clicking here or on the book a call link in the menu at the top of the page.


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