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Prioritise You: How To Take Back Your Time And Prioritise Yourself Without Guilt

I've been chatting with lots of women in business recently to find out how they're doing and what's going on in their business and life.
They've all got different visions, different values and different definitions of success. But they ALL seem to share the same big frustration - never having enough time.  
They don't have enough time to do everything on their to-do list, see every client, work on their business as well as in it, exercise, keep their house running smoothly, spend time with their family... and on it goes.
There's just never enough time!
Perhaps you can relate?
That's why I created the Prioritise You: How to take back your time and prioritise yourself without guilt Masterclass. 
In this 1 hour interactive workshop you'll discover:
  • The REAL reason you're not prioritising yourself (*hint it's not a lack of time or a lack of planning.)
  • How to shift the feeling of guilt so you can actually enjoy your free time.
  • A simple way to re-energise if you're to tired to even think about prioritising yourself.
If the daily demands of life and business mean you're always at the end of the queue this one is for you!
The presentation itself starts at 2 minutes 20 seconds in if you want to fast forward past me getting the tech all set and ready to go.

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